2016 was a good year

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2016 has been a good year.

We started it right having a deserved two week vacation in the U.S.A. visiting our friends from Official, going to Agenda tradeshow and absorbing inspiration from everywhere we travelled in California. We started selling in Sacramento and San Diego and opened some new retailers around the globe.
We launched Collserola and Montseny Collections and did several collaborations with Eureka Street food, Onyva and Mônn.
Started our Camera Club, who gave us the opportunity to meet many photographers from all around the world, people who enjoy photography as much as we do and presented it in Barcelona and Mallorca.
Were at Dashape in Madrid, OFFF and Festivalet in Barcelona and Pessebre in Valencia.
Made friends, who were customers at first and met loads of interesting people everyday at our shop.
We were afraid sometimes, but kept doing our best, putting all our love in everything we did.

2017 is waiting for us, with new challenges and new achievements. So bring it on!

Thank you ALL for an awesome year!

Laser Barcelona team

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