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Baby Jalebi is for us, the best Pakistani street food restaurant in Barcelona.

Opened by the Alam brothers and their brother in law Khan, they were one of the firsts to arrive in Raval from Pakistan in the 90's.

After the successful 'The Fish and Chips Shop', they decided it was time to bring their roots to the city in the most cool and authentic way.

And so Baby Jalebi was born: the most traditional recipes with a twist, but most of all, an unmissable dessert for those with a sweet tooth - the Jalebis -.

The story of the restaurant’s name couldn’t also be sweeter, as it is a homage to the Alam’s mother, who loved Jalebis as a child, so her father started calling her “Baby Jalebi”.

The nickname stuck, and nowadays everyone still knows her this way.

It seems easy to guess that our relationship with the Alam brothers was born in the streets of Raval. In fact, the place where our shop is now located used to be a butcher shop in the 90's, that provided their uncle's restaurant, just on the corner of Doctor Dou.

Who would have guessed that more than two decades later, they would come back here and do this collaboration for their Punjabi restaurant!

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