Ciutadella's mammoth

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If you ever visited Barcelona, you might have wondered why there's a mighty mammoth next to the lake in the Parc de la Ciutadella. That mammoth is 110 years old this year, it was part of Norbert Font i Sagué's (catalan geologist and naturalist) , project who consisted in reproducing real scale animals and dinosaurs who lived in Cataluña in the past.

The Mamut was the only one to be put there, since Norbert Font passed away a few years later, abandoning the project.

He is more than 3 metres tall and it's impossible not to be fascinated the first time you see him.
For us, it is a big symbol of the city, reminding us the walks in the park during our childhood. That's why we made him a tribute by putting him on a pin, so we can carry him wherever we want.

So if you don't know him yet, make sure you pay him a visit when you come to Barcelona!

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