laser x nomad survival kit

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Two weeks ago we launched our 'Survival Kit' with mad Coffee designed by Basora Studio.
Nømad is a reference in Barcelona for all the good coffee lovers and once again we joined forces with a project with which we identify and that represents our city.

Jordi Mestre is the person behind Nømad Coffee. His eyes were shining when he explained how everything started, he was living in London and started to tour every market and fair with his mobile cart, making coffees.
He was national champion in the AeroPress mode for three times and nowadays he has three cafeterias in Barcelona: Roasters Home in Poblenou district, where the coffee is roasted and stored, Nømad Passatge in the Ghotic neighborhood and Nømad Everyday, very close to our shop in Raval.
Our 'Survival Kit' is designed to be used both in your daily life and while traveling. You will find a manual of notes in each object that will help you to communicate, build new objects, find new uses or ask for help in case you need it.

Nomad means a constant journey or displacement, and we identify ourselves a lot with that term, indeed our background owes all to the contact with different cultures :)

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