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It was exactly 5 years ago when we found the space where we have our store now. It was the one an only place we saw, and despite being conscious of all the work we had in front of us, we jumped headfirst, and spent almost 8 months renovating it, until every little detail was finished the way we wanted it to be.
The most important thing in that moment wasn't to open a store, but being able to expand our workshop place, where we could work daily. So, opening it was an extra challenge on the first place.
Many friends and family came and helped us on those months, without them nothing would have been possible the same way!
We clearly knew that in the store we would sell Laser exclusively, but we would also connect with some other brands or projects with which we would feel identified with; different collaborations and ideas, photographers, artisans, designers, illustrators...
In our exhibition area we find important to explain a little of each project or collection.
Being able to enjoy details like when Sawe painted the walls of our collaboration corner is simply priceless. All these little things make us smile every day and made us update the store pictures and show you (if you haven't yet in person), how our second home looks like!

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