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'I met Marcel during the Bright Tradeshow in Berlin last January, we talked a bit about photography while I told him our 'Camera Club'. The moment he showed me his pictures I knew he was an extremely talented and sensitive person.'


Raquel Fialho

                                                                             Laser Barcelona photographer

Marcel Boer is from Cologne (Germany) and is only 24, but he has a very curious and attentive eye to everything that surrounds him. He loves skateboarding, natural beauty and simple things.

He started filming his friends skating in 2012 and by then photography seemed a bit boring for him. It wasn't until he went on a skatetrip to Barcelona two years later, where he bought a Canon AE-1 with 4 rolls of film that he fell in love with the results of analog photography.
Since then his camera collection has grew and his passion for photography as well. Marcel not only shoots, he also develops and scans his rolls one by one. He takes it very seriously and his motto is 'stay broke, shoot film'.
In his last trip through Portugal and Spain this Summer he shot over 40 rolls in less than a month!
Here's the result of the editorial he did for the Mar Bella collection inside our Camara Club.



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