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Last 14th of October the Red Hook Criterium Milan was taking place, a race and meeting point for the fixed gear scene around the world.
Justo Heras, our founder and creative director spent some days there with our team, portraying the trip in 35mm for our Camera Club.
Planning a trip to Milan is pretty simple from Barcelona, in just a few minutes you can book a flight to Malpensa or Bergamo and in just a bit more than 2 hours you'll be in the city centre.
Hannah Raymond, our last rider in the team with Rodagira didn't have her bicycle ready yet, so I took one of our frames with me and took the opportunity to shoot some photos, this time i carried my favorite camera, an Olympus OM10 and a Yashica T5.
The guys arrived a day earlier to the apartment, we stayed very close to the centre in an old renewed building just 15 minutes away from everything.
After an early flight on Friday, almost without unpacking, I rented a bike in a local workshop and headed to the Veldromo Vigorelli, a classic place in the city where the "track day" happens.
When we got there, almost all the teams and photographers were already in the center field, year after year all the community has converted itself in a big family with no rivalry despite being in different teams.
We spent more than 3 hours there and lately went to the Oakley's pre-race party. I must say that something we all appreciate is eating in local restaurants, where the pasta and pizza might be a cliché, but is has nothing to do to what we are used to back home.
Riding a bike in Milan can be quite dangerous, there are always more than 2 lanes and the cars can go very fast, not respecting the traffic signals, they’ll just overtake you all the time, plus all the cobblestones in the old city aren’t very pleasant either.


On the racing day it took us more than half an hour to get to Bovisa’s neighborhood, in the north of the city, where the organization has been celebrating this race for 8 years.
The whole experience was great, the place, the crowd, the racers and the photographers seemed to be perfectly connected, in a big scenery but not too big to saturate the event.
I had a press-pass so I could walk around all the loops and was able to portray my point of view in the closest way.
Here’s a little sample of the almost 40 pictures I selected from the several rolls of film I shot during my 4 days in Milan.
I hope you like them!

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