laser camera club by carla step

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 As many talented people, Carla uses her camera not only as a way to create but as a tool to subsist in any way. Her visual fetish is so high she couldn't imagine herself doing any other thing.

Her first earnings as a photographer began in a very well known club in Barcelona, Jamboree. Where most of us have first met her, shooting into the night. But Carla Step, mostly self-taught, feeds herself with sensitivity. She made sure her work grew in the proper direction and currently her main subjects are fashion photography, portrait and trip photograpy. Even though she grows with an inertia that generates in her a needing to explore and to be open for new challenges, and that means she hardly will be stuck in those three disciplines.

The truth is, as soon as you get to know her, a platonic feeling grows inside you and makes you want to collaborate and work with her so badly!

Some time ago she came to explain us her trip arround the Catalan Pyrenees with her boyfriend Sergi Gumà. And you know, we just simply couldn't ignore this information. So, the day after, they both came to the shop to choose their outfits for the shoot.

Here's the beautiful result of a story we want to share with you all.


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