Alin Catarig

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Alin Catarig is the last but not least member of our team.
We have known him for several years, and we became friends very fast. Back then he was just a kid who wanted to rule the world and didn't fear anything... Nowadays not much has changed in his attitude, Alin is determined and when he wants to do something, he simply does it. He's this kind of person who one day wakes up and rides his bike all the way to France and comes back without thinking too much.
He was born in Romania and moved to Barcelona with his parents when he was still a child, he fell in love with the Mediterranean and water in general. He competes in the monofin modality, the 'formula one' of swimming. (He loves speed, in the water or on the bike).
He started to race fixed gear criteriums in 2012 and found his passion for the track lately and started competing nationally this year.

Alin is, without a doubt, the funny one, able to make someone laugh at any moment :)
Follow him at @alinhippopotamus !

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