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This season we have the chance to compete with the support of many of our favorite brands:

- Arrueda has been producing our kits since the first day. Working hard every season to develop new materials and finishes, Arrueda produces in Spain and uses the finest technology.

- HJC helmets is sponsoring us with the 'furion' model, built from motocycle helmet design experience, because security is the most important thing when riding!

- Deluxe Cycles is a custom bicycle brand and studio from New York. They bring local & international frame builders and artists together on a variety of projects and collaborations for a truly custom and unique experience and they have provided us with the best set of wheels, for both track and criterium races.

- Raketa is sponsoring a team for the first time! We realized we had a lot in common with the brand and we will proudly race with their chainrings and cogs this season.

- Alba optics stands behind athletes who strive everyday to improve their sport performances and to make their dreams come true, by offering a design product beautiful to wear and totally functional from a technical point of view. Their glasses fit our team like a glove!

- Chimp Bars are honest, all-natural, made from real food energy bars that are free of phony additives, artificial sweeteners, trans-fets chemicals and GMO's. They are absolutely delicious and will keep us nourished during all our trainings and races  :)

Thank you all!


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