Hannah Raymond

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There were still two team members left to introduce and Hannah Raymond is one of them. From Colorado, she moved to New York 8 years ago, where she started using her bike daily.
She quickly changed to fixed gear and her commuting started to be more like a real life videogame: racing through traffic, chasing cars, high on endorphines and adrenaline.
She never considered competing until 2015 when she first went to the London Red Hook with a friend and fell in love with the speed, technical and unpredictability of criteriums. Even more dangerous than New York city traffic!
Last year, two races before the end of the season, she contacted us so she could join the team. As you know, our team is a genuine alliance between two independent brands and it makes all the sense that the racers are in tune with us.
Hannah loves to express herself through art and fashion, something we both have in common :)
Meet her on her Instagram account: @hanaautomaton !

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