César Modesto

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César is a Portuguese graphic designer who showed up at Rodagira's shop in Lisbon in 2014.

At that time he weighted 30kg more than today and proposed himself to start cycling, step by step, and since that moment nothing has stopped him.

What in the beginning seemed like an odissey, soon became his daily routine. His weeks in Strava reach 300km or more, at the same time he's working full time. He has 5 different bikes, and the one he uses the most, a Rodagira fixed gear Zorlac has exceeded the 20.500km in only 2 years. His coach had to forbidd him to ride his bike to work, 'cause his commuting added 60km to his daily training.

César's will has taken him to a lot of races in several cities of the world, always with a smile on his face!

After so many hours pedaling, he'll be in a bad mood if he doesn't eat one (or several) hamburgers ;) something we could see for ourselves the last time he was with us for the Red Hook Crit in Barcelona!

Follow his adventures on and off the bike in his Instagram @modest_pt !


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